President & Founder
Tempstaff Co Ltd


Yoshiko Shinohara did not just start a company when she founded Tempstaff in 1973. She also introduced a completely new concept to the Japanese workplace, one that would benefit women in particular. Shinohara was a young divorcee working in Australia when she first came into contact with temping. "Whenever a colleague took leave, someone I didn't know would appear from somewhere and without even being shown the ropes, would take care of the task and go home."
When Shinohara returned to Japan, "society was dominated by men with most women working in assistant roles, and there were few opportunities”, it was then she launched Tempstaff."

The company that now has 285 offices from Los Angeles to Taiwan was launched in a one-room apartment in central Tokyo. Shinohara taught English in the evening to pay the rent.

Tempstaff provides specialist staff in HR, IT, retail, media, insurance, childcare and care services across Japan and in 13 overseas sites. The latest fiscal year showed sales of Y224.6bn ($2.8bn), and the company has 5,000 employees.

At 76, she remains passionately involved in running the business she founded. Her dream for Tempstaff was never to be a "large business" but "an entity that is needed in the world at large and is a good company. I want to contribute to society through business."
In 2010, Shinohara was ranked 7th in The Financial Times ‘Women at the Top’- the top 50 women in world business and was listed in The Japan Times as one of the ‘100 Next-Era CEO’s in Asia, 2010.