Asia Perspectives, Jakarta: Digital Disruptors and the Power of Partnerships

Advance and Telstra have recently completed their Digital Disruptors & the Power of Partnerships, Asia Perspectives series. Comprised of four events hosted across Asia in Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Shanghai between January and April 2016, the series examined how Digital Partnerships are crucial to business success in today’s world.

Telstra recently commissioned a report written by The Economist Intelligence Unit; Connecting Companies: Strategic Partnerships for the Digital Age, an analysis of the global trend of partnerships emerging between organisations around digital capabilities. As traditional markets have transformed with the convergence of social, mobile and cloud technologies, enterprises increasingly need to adopt a robust digital strategy in order to remain globally competitive.

The Advance Asia Perspectives Series is a unique initiative with the aim of knowledge-sharing and connecting thought leaders and entrepreneurs of the Australian and Australian alumni community in Asia. Hosted at unique and inspirational venues across Asia, Advance invites guests from a diverse array of industries to; hear from Asia-based thought leaders from the network, learn more about Advance, and establish long-lasting relationships with other members.

We bring the best and brightest of Australia’s Diaspora in Asia together to actively engage and connect with each other. We also profile them internationally and connect them back with Australia to empower them to contribute their skills and spheres of influence to play a role in growing Australian productivity and thought leadership.