The US immigration system is among the strictest and most complex in the world. US Consulates and Embassies, as well as the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) regularly deny visa and work permit applications. In addition, foreign nationals are sometimes denied admission to the United States, which can be a devastating experience, especially after a 14 hour (or more) flight from Australia.

If you require a visa to visit or work in the United States, or wish to migrate permanently to the United States, you might want an experienced US immigration lawyer on your side to help you navigate the complex US system. Why not use a reputable, trusted US immigration lawyer before you leave Australia to help you prepare for your next adventure and answer any questions you might have?

Nevett Ford has earned an international reputation for its service in this complex and important area of law. Based in Melbourne, Australia the firm is uniquely placed to provide expert advice to members who are still in Australia and are looking to make the move overseas.

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Nevett Ford offers Advance members a special discount of an initial free fifteen minute consultation on E-3 visa cases. When making an appointment, mention the Advance Member Benefit Code Advance603106.

Noah_Klug_sq.jpgNoah Klug, Senior Lawyer at Nevett Ford, licensed to practise law in both the United States and Australia, Registered Migration Agent and long time Advance member has many glowing recommendations and endorsements from happy clients and colleagues. 

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 When do you need Specialist Assistance?

  • If your company is sending you to their US office
  • If you are purchasing a business in the US
  • If you are starting a new business in the US
  • If you are marrying a US citizen and migrating to the US
  • If you accepted a job offer in the US and need a work visa
  • If you own/run/manage/operate a company in Australia, or work in the Human Resources (HR) or Global Mobility Department and need to send an employee/employees to the US
  • If you need to visit the US and cannot use the ESTA/Visa Waiver Program because of a past visa denial or criminal conviction, need to stay for more than three months, or are not a citizen of a Visa Waiver Program country (e.g., India, China, etc.)

    We know the law and we know what to do if you need help.