Toby_Smith_Final_sq.jpgWhile living within the communities, Toby experienced firsthand how these families had dedicated their lives, and a lot of hard manual labour to growing exquisite coffee.

Toby reaslied the world of specialty coffee could be lost to mass produced alternatives if someone didn’t get the coffee of these farmers into the hands of coffee lovers.

Inspired by his new purpose, and the deep respect for the people who took him in, Toby returned home and got to work perfecting the art and science of roasting coffee from his mum’s garage.

He spent the next 12 years sharing what he had learnt with a team of passionate coffee enthusiasts, opened several signature cafes, and built a loyal network of over 600 independent cafes who serves Toby’s Estate exclusively.

In 2009, Toby set out to explore more of the world’s coffee growing regions and uncovered a colourful world of people, places, cultures and stories which would go on to fill the pages of his book “Coffee Trails” .

Toby is joined today by a passionate team of coffee enthusiasts at Toby’s Estate, who are untied under the common goal to honour the work of the specialty coffee farmers and produce the best quality coffee from crop to cup.