Advance Talent Mobility – Helping build your career back home and abroad

At Advance we believe repatriating back to Australia or taking the journey abroad can be as daunting as when you first embarked on your career. 

Advance Talent Mobility is an early-stage program designed to help Advance members get the latest advice on job opportunities back home and abroad, and connect you with people who have done it themselves and our global talent recruiters.

Get inspired by Advance members who have taken the leap to build their careers overseas:

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Here are some useful tips from Advance members who have done it:

  • Go into each stage in life – like returning home – knowing you’ll have to do things differently. Commit to being back for two years to make it work. Have a plan and prepare yourself and others around you for what’s coming.
  • Be very clear on why you’re returning. If your overseas job is big in scope and size, you must be emotionally ready in case you need to reduce your role to work in Australia.
  • If you have a global job, you have to frame that experience differently, put it in context by explaining why your knowledge is important to Australian organisations.
  • Networking is absolutely key. You may need to spend a year networking, to find your way around the Australian market. 
  • Many large organisations have a mobility person who you can go to and begin to network and get ideas.
  • If you are looking to transfer home within the same organisation you need to take ownership of the process and make contacts across the organisation. 
  • Another option to consider if you find your skills don’t fit in the Australian market, is to open your own business. Strip the surface level away of your international experience and look at your core talents.
  • Find a mentor: someone to help you package your international experience for the Australian market and offer cultural and strategic advice.
  • If you invested in your career to move offshore in the first place, invest your own money to get back, especially if you’ve been gone a long time.
  • Be aware that when you’re being interviewed it is important to package your international experience so it has relevance to the job and an Australian context.
  • Formulate a specific plan. Then ask recruitment agencies about openings they may have other than what you apply for. You need to do a lot of work in preparation, and in meeting people
  • Accept that coming back to work in Australia is not going to be the same as the business abroad, and that family and friends may not have the same world view that you have developed during your time away.
  • Tap into Advance to network hard, find people and connect with them. Advance members who have returned home want to help others returning.
  • Join our Advance Returned Expatriates Group on LinkedIn to network with other returnees and share advice.
  • We've captured some of our member's comments about repatriation here.

Check out some stories from members who have made the move back home:

Anjali Rao
London and
Hong Kong
Liz O'Connell

Japan and 
San Francisco
Joanne Griffin
Content Media
Hong Kong
Simon Henderson
Hong Kong,
US and more
Sabrina Urrutia
Program Manager
UK, PNG and US
Jonathan Teh
San Francisco and


Advance also works with Nevett Ford, a full service law firm based in Australia, to help Australians, and their family and friends return home or relocate to Australia. For more information please visit the Returning Home page on our site.

Connect with our Advance Talent Mobility Partners
Are you in a mid-management role in banking or financial services, accounting or finance, sales or marketing, technology or audit risk and compliance? Ambition Group can help you. 

Ambition Group is a global specialist recruitment company with offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brisbane, Melbourne and their head office in Sydney. The Ambition team understands the needs and value that an Advance member brings to an Australian-based role.

Email Ambition Group Managing Director, Paul Lyons to set up a preliminary interview:

Additionally, Advance works with other Talent partners for senior roles back home on a needs basis. If you are a senior Australian looking to return home, please email Your information will remain confidential. 

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Advance Talent Mobility partners understand and appreciate the experience our members have gained by pursuing careers on the global stage. 

We are looking for partners who can offer a wealth of opportunities from employment to professional development and professional networking.

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