Serafina Maiorano

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Serafina is the Global CEO of Advance.

Serafina is a global connector who is growing a platform to harness Australia’s global talent, expertise and energy through a highly collaborative network. That global innovation network, Advance, was formed in 2002 and is supported by the Australian Federal Government and a wide range of Australian companies, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, creative talent and social innovators around the world.

Advance is the ‘smart grid’ of Australia’s human capital, a bridge for the flow of ideas, innovation and influence around the world and a pathway for Australians to capitalise on their skills.

Serafina had over 25 years’ experience of global strategic thinking, planning and creative consulting, and has helped entrepreneurs and business owners build a more progressive and sustainable world through bold, innovative and inclusive networks and targeted programs.

Serafina has a BA from the University of Adelaide an Honours Degree in Italian language from Flinders University and Graduate Diploma in Management from the University of South Australia.  From there she travelled to the Foreign University of Perugia where she undertook a Diploma in European Economics.

Her passion for building a better planet has taken her around the world, working across the UK, Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain, Singapore, USA, China and India. Serafina is now based in New York with her family, and is a citizen of Australia and Italy.

Serafina is the inaugural 'Global' winner of the Australian Financial Review/Westpac 100 Women of Influence Award.

Check out Serafina on the panel "Advance: The Bridge for Global Australian Talent and Innovation" at the 2016 Advance Global Australian Summit.