Chairman, The Outstanding Young Persons' Association
Chairman, Preventive Education and Publicity Committee, Action Committee Against Narcotics, HKSAR
Elected District Councilor, HKSAR

Hong Kong

Chairman, Health Quotient HQ Int’l Institute Limited and Independent  Non-Executive Director, South China Land Limited (Stock Code: 8155). She is also a Part Time Lecturer, Master of Science in Women’s Health Studies & Postgraduate Diploma in Women’s Health Studies, The Chinese University of HK.

She was just appointed as Justice of Peace because of her outstanding voluntary community work in July, 2010. She is the first district representative from HK as the Steering Committee Member, Alliance for Healthy Cities working closely with World Health Organization and other countries in Asia to promote health in the region. She is currently a Doctoral Scholar of Macquarie University in Australia and the Honorary Fellow, York University, USA. She completed her executive program at Harvard Business School in the US and also obtained a graduate diploma in business administration, Monash University, Australia and a Bachelor degree in pharmaceutical sciences in Canada.

Ms. Pong is an elected District Councilor, Chairman of The League of Health Professionals of HK. She is the Honorary Advisor of the Advisory Board of HK Federation of Business Students and a member of the HKSAR Election Committee (1998, 2000 & 2007). She has been the President of The Practicing Pharmacists Association of HK for eight years. She is being appointed in numbers of government boards and committees such as Chairman, Preventive Education and Publicity Committee, Action Committee Against Narcotics, HKSAR; Innovation Technology Commission, SERAP Assessment Panel; Part-time Member of the Central Policy Unit (2008 & 2009) and member of Grantham Scholarships Fund Committee managing over HKD2 billion with other members.  Ms. Pong received an award of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons’ Selection in 1998 and the Hundred Outstanding Women Entrepreneur in China in 2007. She is currently the Chairman of The Outstanding Young Persons’ Association of HK. She wrote over 20 books and also hosted a lot of TV and radio programs.