Sally_E.jpgIn 1996, at age 24, Microsoft, one of the companies she worked with, recommended her into a start-up company, WebCentral. It would go on to become Australia’s largest web hosting company at the time, with Sally launching a spin-off company, WebCentral Complex in 2001, to capture the emerging maturity of the market with complex hosting services. The business achieved major account sales of up to AUD$20.3m and reached profitability in its first financial year of operation.

More recently, Sally is now the co-founder and joint CEO of CloudStaff a high growth, innovative Philippines BPO with a specialised service enabling entrepreneurial companies to do more with scarce resources in the UK/Australian markets. She is also an investor of a number of start-ups and the owner of Entinno, an innovation and entrepreneurship research and education business. She was previously Global CEO of Sinocode, a business intelligence technology firm based in China that developed and implemented Microsoft and risk and compliance programs for the UK, US and Australian markets.

One of Sally’s other passions is education and providing mentorship and leadership to the next generation of innovators. She firmly believes that entrepreneurs have an obligation to ‘give back’ and work with the community and motivated, bright people to co-create jobs and help global economic recovery. She has regular speaking engagements and has given lectures, mentored and/or developed curriculum in the areas of entrepreneurship for universities globally.

Sally was a member, Past President (UK) and Global Entrepreneur Indicator Research Lead with the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, tapping into the minds of the world’s leading business owners to identify trends in the world economy. She currently sits on the Advisory Board of the London Entrepreneurial Exchange and was a member of the Board of the Institute of Management Consultants. In 2009 Sally was a finalist in the Australian Woman of the Year Award in the UK and was presented with the 2011 Rising Star Award at Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM). Sally holds an MBA from QUT and Doctorate from MGSM in entrepreneurship.

She is currently co-writing a book, Who Moved My Mouse! as an important handbook on Cyber Security for business executives.