Co-founder & Director
Crossroads Foundation

Hong Kong

Sally, and her husband, Malcolm, have served developing nations for over 30 years
Sally began by working with NGOs in a communications and public relations capacity. Malcolm, a Chartered Accountant, provided financial services. Both served then, as now, on a pro bono basis.
In 1995, broadened NGO requests saw the couple birth the Crossroads Foundation. As its name suggests, the organisation brings people together to combat world need. It does so in four ways:

Global Distribution. In today’s disproportionate world, Sally has seen the role that excess goods, if high in quality and wisely chosen, can play in launching poverty alleviation and disaster response programmes. Crossroads has 200,000 square feet of warehousing and, year round, ships to all major continents.  

Global Handicrafts. In addition to aid, Sally believes that business solutions are essential for sustainable answers to poverty. Crossroads has developed a Fair Trade marketplace, Global Handicrafts, and further initiatives based on a Social Entrepreneurship model.

·      Global Hand. Over time, Sally felt it essential to address a challenge in the landscape of public private engagement. Non-profit and for-profit organisations were seeking strategic partnerships to address global issues, yet struggling to find ‘matches’. Crossroads pioneered Global Hand, an online ‘matching’ service, to fill the void.  The United Nations asked Crossroads to build an adaptation of Global Hand for UN-business partnerships. Sally spearheaded this unique initiative which was launched at the 2010 World Economic Forum, with Jeffrey Sachs.

·      Global Village. Eager to see others empathise and engage with world need, Sally has seen Crossroads develop simulations which allow thousands to ‘x-perience’ something of global issues, first-hand. In this too, Crossroads regularly partners with the United Nations at WEF. Crossroads is currently designing a Global Village: a ground-breaking environment where people may experience, in microcosm, the needs/solutions facing our world, in macrocosm.

Crossroads’ is headquartered in Hong Kong on 14 acres provided by the government, with additional bases in the UK/Europe and South/Central Asian regions. Its international team numbers 100.

Sally remains a Director of Crossroads as it seeks innovative ways to re-connect a broken world.