Ms Robyn Joseph has been a public relations practitioner for more than twenty years. Her first decade of consulting was spent in Australia, working predominantly in issues management for corporate clients facing legislative and mass communication challenges. Many of these challenges were in the environmental field. It was an exciting time in Australian history, where corporate Australia and community Australia were actively engaged in debate that ultimately set Australia’s environmental priorities.


During this time, Ms Joseph worked with the Australian beverage container manufacturers and fillers to reduce the number of containers entering landfill. The kerbside recyclable collection system in Victoria was the result. Ms Joseph worked with local government, contractors and the container industry to establish the necessary infrastructure. Other Australian states followed, choosing to replicate the model developed in Victoria.


Ms Joseph also worked on other environmental issues including pollution licensing, landfill, incineration, sewage, salination and eutrophication of inland waterways. Much of her role in these issues was community education to bring about awareness in the stakeholder communities; and then, ultimately, a change of attitude and/or behaviour.


Ms Joseph has lived in Hong Kong since 1996 working in the issues management field. She holds a Bachelor of Communication Degree from the Queensland University of Technology.