Mr Peter Arkell is the Managing Director of Swann Global's China operations. Swann Global is an executive search firm, founded in Melbourne fifteen years ago and, while its capability has been demonstrated across the breadth of industry, its special focus is the natural resources sector. This has broadened to include like industries such as construction, infrastructure and engineering.

Mr Arkell moved to China more than twelve years ago, and chose to live there over the past five years. In many respects, he calls Shanghai home, where his China head office is located. He is an active member of the international business community in China, being a member of the Board of Directors of AustCham Shanghai, the Australian Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member and sustaining sponsor of the China International Mining Group (CIMG), the peak body representing the international mining community in China.

His contribution to industry in China has gone beyond the business of his executive search firm. For example, he initiated annual industry surveys to assist international companies understand the variances of a maturing labour market like this.

With offices now in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, his work takes him to all corners of China, as well as having interesting assignments in exotic, glamorous and not-so-inviting locations. North Korea, Mongolia, Dubai, Vancouver, New York and London have been on his radar this year.

Prior to joining Swann Global, Mr Arkell was the Director of HR (Asia Pacific) for an American management consultancy, with offices throughout the region from Jakarta to Tokyo. He describes himself as something of a 'HR Hack', having been in the profession for more than 30 years, starting out in the public sector focussing on policy regarding the employment of young people.

Melbourne is Mr Arkell's hometown and he supports the Demons whenever he is within range of the MCG; while abroad, he makes do with internet broadcasts from Rex and the team. Having seen their last premiership in 1964, the desire beats true for their next flag.