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Innovation Programs

Advance is dedicated to innovation. Since 2011 our focus has been on helping Australian entrepreneurs build global companies from Australia via three key programs, Propel, elevate61 and the Advance Innovation Program.

Propel prepares Australian entrepreneurs to take on the world with facilitated, fast tracked access to Silicon Valley and beyond. Applications are open to technology enabled startups currently experiencing rapid growth in Australia and are ready to expand into the US.Successful applicants are invited to participate in a three day workshop in LA, followed by an Innovation Tour of Silicon Valley.

Our vision for elevate61 was to help shape and empower Australia's entrepreneurial eco-system, leading to high value job creation and corporate and social growth for Australia. The Program was part of a strategic alliance with KPMG Australia designed to help fast track later stage Australian entrepreneurs and enable growth and productivity for globally competitive industries. Read the report Venturing to the US: Insights from 3 years of elevate61.

The Advance Innovation Programs catered to early stage companies by connecting the next generation of Australian entrepreneurs and innovators with dynamic global networks, key business insiders and investors. 

Read more about the individual Programs below.

Propel 2018

2017 elevate61 Program
2016 elevate61 Program
2015 elevate61 Program
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2012 Advance Innovation Program