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Mahadi Margiono: “Jakarta has always been a magnet for many working professionals looking for opportunities to grow their career, and this includes me" Mahadi Margiono is a system analyst by training, with a Master's Degree in Business Information Technology from Melbourne’s RMIT. His cumulative 15 years in multi-disciplinary industry and overseas experience has seen his career go from strength to strength. Advance recently spoke to Mahadi about how studying in Australia contributed to his success and how furthering his education in Australia helped advance his career.

Prashant Murthy: “There's a lot of opportunity in Indonesia, and it’s been a great professional and personal experience” After studying at the University of New South Wales and working as an Associate Operations Officer at the International Finance Corporation in Sydney, Prashant Murthy was tapped on the shoulder and asked to move to the IFC’s Jakarta office. Having now lived there for two years, Prashant has considerable insight into living as an Australian expat in Indonesia. Over a recent catch-up, Murthy spoke to Advance about how Jakarta has become a more progressive society, industries that are lucrative for Australians considering making the move, and what his role involves working at the World Bank Group.

Betty Tran: a cross cultural couture journey Since launching her fashion brand in 2012, Betty Tran has built a global empire fuelled by glamorous gowns and a commitment to giving back. The Vietnamese-Australian designer is renowned for her red carpet statements and all-out fashion fantasy, but she is also a passionate philanthropist driven by empowering women in all aspects of their lives.

Paul Dastoor: in sunshine or in shadow Solar panels as thin as a sheet of transparency plastic. Solar panels printed with electronic inks that conduct electricity. Solar panels that can work anywhere – in sunshine or shadow, on rooftops or on walls – converting light into energy. This is what Professor Paul Dastoor of Australia’s University of Newcastle, has made a reality.

2017 AFL Grand Final - Where to watch If you're part of the one million Australians currently living abroad and know you'll be craving a meat pie while watch the AFL Grand Final on Saturday September 30... you're in luck!

Tech23.2017: The collision of clever people, ingenious tech & smart capital Now in its ninth annual year, Tech23 continues to resonate as Australia’s unmissable celebration of innovation. Starting from a blank slate in 2009, Tech23 was born out of the desire to give a platform to the exciting deep tech emerging from Australia’s innovation ecosystem.

Touchstones: Rugby League, Rock'n'Roll, the Road and Me Steve Mascord – born Andrew John Langley – was obsessed with rugby league and rock’n’roll. Long after almost everyone he knew, he clung to these things like twin teddy bears, turning at least one of them into a career and making a bit of money out of the other.

2017 Confucius Institute Emerging Leaders  China Business Tour The 2017 Confucius Institute Emerging Leaders Business Tour offers a fantastic opportunity for students and young professionals (aged 18-30) to learn about Chinese language and culture and the modern Chinese economy through a Nanjing University language short-course and business visits.

Australian gamers training astronauts A virtual reality (VR) game developed by award-winning Australian company Opaque Media is being used by NASA to train its astronauts for future space missions. The space agency’s Hybrid Reality Laboratory is using Earthlight, a VR game based on the authentic depiction of human spaceflight, in its next-generation training systems for astronauts, engineers and scientists.