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Fast, smart and connected: Can we be Australian in a digital world? Each year since 1959, the ABC has sparked national discussion about critical ideas with the Boyer Lectures. ANU Distinguished Professor and Intel Senior Fellow Professor Genevieve Bell continues this proud tradition as she interrogates what it means to be human, and Australian, in a digital world. Genevieve won the 2016 Advance Global Australian Award for Technology Innovation and was also named the overall winner that year.

Meet Lihua Tong I promote vulnerable people’s rights such as children rights, migrant worker’s rights, elderly rights etc. It not only brings justice and happiness to these vulnerable people individually but also can truly change society.

Meet Dr Catriona Wallace I run a high tech AI company that will free up humans to do higher order things.

Meet Betty Who I make music hoping it will bring people joy.

Meet Jackie Yun I am part of an amazing team who pioneered healthy delicious western food in Shanghai and now we have a larger platform to influence more Chinese people to eat better after the boom years of fast food culture.

Meet Rosemary Morrow I go to countries which have suffered major disasters such as war, AIDS, civil breakdown, and I teach citizens to restore food, identity, landscape, and confidence using permaculture as the medium.

Meet Andrew Harper I think there’s no better job than working with and for people who are in need. In this case, refugees are probably the most vulnerable people in the world.

Meet Jeremy Balkin Innovation is about doing things differently to free up time for our customers and our people, which in turn creates value.

Meet Dr Susan David My work focuses on one key question: what does it take to deal with our thoughts and emotions to enable us to thrive in the world? This is an important question right now because we are facing unprecedented complexity with globalisation, technological changes, and political instability.