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Graeme Clark: The Man Behind The Implant Growing up with a deaf father, Professor Graeme Clark grew up seeing the hardship of living in silence - including the frustration, anguish and resulting isolation. He also witnessed his father’s desire for a greater connection to others, and was determined to make it possible.

Jennie Brand Miller, otherwise known as GI-Jennie Jennie Brand-Miller holds many titles. She is a Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Sydney, a finalist in the 2006 Australian of the Year Award, a published author (her books have sold millions of copies around the world) and a user, and strong advocate of the Cochlear implant.

Chris McGreevy's Cochlear Career Chris McGreevy started his career at Cochlear in Sydney in the company’s coveted graduate program and has since dedicated his life’s work to medical devices and their design, improvement and management.

Brett Lee: From Cricket to Cochlear He is one of the world's fastest bowlers who has smashed multiple cricket records, and Brett Lee's new target is reaching 360 million people to raise awareness about hearing loss. As Cochlear's first Global Hearing Ambassador, Brett is spearheading a 'Sounds of Cricket' campaign to raise awareness of the significant medical, social and economic impacts hearing loss can have on individuals and their families.

Designer of dreams In 2016 Australian fashion designer Paul Vasileff made his Paris debut with a haute couture collection of gowns that each took between 800 and 1500 hours to embroider. A favourite on the red carpet as well as in the couture realm, the 2017 Young Australian of the Year is taking over the fashion world in a shower of sequins and flowers.

Steven McRae's leaps and bounds It’s a long way from Sydney’s western suburbs to the Royal Opera House stage in London. This Australian ballet dancer has made the jump, thanks to his shining talent and pure force of will. But things might have turned out very differently. Once upon a time, he wanted to be a drag racer.

The artificial heart that could replace transplants Daniel Timms spent his childhood learning the mechanics of plumbing from his father. Today he is using that knowledge to create a ground-breaking artificial heart device with the potential to prolong the lives of millions of people with heart failure.

Jill Stockwell: A Founder & CEO who's making a difference Jill Stockwell is a social anthropologist with expertise in the impact of conflict on individuals and societies. Her incredible work explores women’s experiences of memory, trauma and oral testimony in post-conflict environments.

Catriona Wallace: CEO & Founder of Flamingo Catriona Wallace knows first hand the difficulty of being a woman in a male-dominated industry. She is the CEO & Founder of Flamingo - an Intelligent Guided Selling SaaS platform, used by companies with complex products to improve online sales conversion rates.