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ANZAC DAY 2017 No matter if you're in Shanghai or San Francisco, London or Los Angeles - we've collated a list of Anzac Day events around the world so you can join in commemorating this distinguished date.

Smarter Streaming & Intelligent Content: Linius Of the eight companies Austrade invited over to experience the SxSW festival in Austin, Chris Richardson, the CEO of Video Virtualisation Engine Linius, was one of them. Linius’ patented Video Virtualisation Engine converts cumbersome, static legacy video into agile, interactive, virtual video - something he says we'll be seeing a lot more of in the future.

The Crows: AFL in Austin There are many difficulties associated with moving to a different country – things that we’re sure many Australian expatriates have experienced. Of these, finding a new social network, or even better – a group of mates – can be tough.

Safe, simple and needle-free vaccinations Smaller than a postage stamp and covered in vaccine-coated microscopic projections, the Nanopatch promises to save the lives of millions of people worldwide by giving them access to safe, effective and needle-free vaccinations.

Australians leading the way in science Meet the next generation of scientific leaders who are developing our knowledge of the universe and finding new ways to solve complex problems. From a heart device that works without a pulse, to the race to build the world's first quantum computer.

Paddy Neumann: Rocket Man Australian rocket scientist Dr Paddy Neumann has invented technology that could revolutionise space travel: his rocket drive recycles space junk for fuel and is set to be tested on the International Space Station.

Australia leading the global quantum race A pioneer in the fabrication of single-atom electronic devices, physicist Michelle Simmons has turned Australia into a global powerhouse in the international race to develop a viable quantum computer.