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Australian Chefs Take On Hong Kong Food is a huge part of Australian culture – eating it, making it, talking about it. With the countless cultural cuisines available to Australians, an increasing amount of hospitality connoisseurs are taking their skills and scattering themselves around the world, depositing their expertise and experience into many different international cities. This is particularly pertinent in Hong Kong, where some of the most popular restaurants in the region have Australians at the helm.

Alexie Glass-Kantor: Art Basel Hong Kong Curator “If you want something done, ask a busy person” is Alexie Glass-Kantor’s MO. She splits her time being the curator for one of the biggest art events in Asia, and one of the most recognised contemporary art spaces in Australia.

elevate61 company CancerAid is changing the way we manage cancer It has been a big few of months for 2017 elevate61 program participants CancerAid! CancerAid is a first-of-its-kind tool that helps anyone diagnosed with cancer navigate through each stage of their cancer journey, receive care remotely and reduce the isolation of illness. The company was selected to participate in the 2017 elevate61 program, a program designed to enable high performing Australian businesses to fast track their growth into the United States and beyond, presented by Advance and KPMG Australia.

Grain gain: groundbreaking technology helps farmers Emma Weston is passionate about ensuring wheat farmers get paid fast and fairly. Her company, AgriDigital, is revolutionising the agriculture industry after conducting the world’s first live settlement of a physical commodity via blockchain.

Light-stopping technology key breakthrough for quantum computing In their quest to develop an optical quantum computer, physicists at the Australian National University have brought light to a standstill inside a cloud of ultra-cold atoms, an important prerequisite for carrying out quantum calculations using photons of light.

Using the Internet of Things to increase global food production The United Nations has declared a need for new ideas if we are to feed the world by 2050. Australian entrepreneur Ros Harvey is using the Internet of Things and innovative technology to help agribusinesses improve productivity and reduce waste.

From fish and chips to Michelin stars Brett Graham began his career serving seafood by the water on the New South Wales north coast. Now he has joined the elite band of Michelin-star chefs and his London restaurant – The Ledbury – is one of the best in the world. The secret? His down-to-earth Australian take on hospitality.

Cocktails @ Chinese Tuxedo with the Australian Ambassador On Tuesday April 11, the Australians of New York City gathered at Chinese Tuxedo (NYC’s newest Australian locale; and a former Chinatown opera house, no less) to welcome some of the best enterprise startups that are coming out of Australia at the moment.