IITB-Monash Research Academy

Professor Mohan Krishnamoorthy is the inaugural CEO of The IITB-Monash Research Academy in Mumbai, India, appointed in January 2010. His ambition is for The IITB-Monash Academy to become a successful and pioneering research collaboration in India and for this unique collaboration to generate impact for industry and society through a goal-focused and use-inspired research program.

Prior to this, Professor Krishnamoorthy was Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia following roles as a researcher, group leader and program leader at CSIRO, Australia from 1992 till 1998.

After securing his PhD from Imperial College London, in 1990, Professor Krishnamoorthy taught Operations Research at the University of Kent, Canterbury. He also has a Masters in Management Science from Imperial College, London and a Masters in Operations Research from Delhi University, India.

With a strong background in Operations Research (decision support provision through mathematical optimisation and simulation techniques), his research interests lie in the use of advanced mathematical, statistical, simulation, and optimisation models to turn data into information that can be used to make better decisions. He is particularly interested in the design, development, analysis and computational testing of (exact, heuristic and novel solution) algorithms for graph, network and combinatorial optimization problems.