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One simple conversation with a wise person can be more enlightening than years of study.

If that conversation is then shared with many others, a collective voice is formed - and there's nothing more powerful than a collective voice. 

This notion is at the very heart of Advance.

We are the starters of smart conversations between global Australians. We are a community of free-flowing thinkers willing to inspire, and be inspired.

We seek out our most articulate thought-leaders abroad, those whose work and ideas are infused with unique experiences and travel and exposure to the world’s very best, and we bring them together. To talk, and to listen. To share, and to think.

We want to ensure every ambitious idea, every new and exciting possibility has an opportunity to connect with an ever-increasing circle of like-minded Australians.

After all, talk is just talk without action. So we are all the mobilisers of the thinkers and talkers, supporting them to act on the inspiration. Creating real change from their verbal exchange. Turning experience into a collective wisdom, and that wisdom into progress.

We're championing Australia-sparked innovation on the world stage, so that foreign nations may know that we're the birthplace of provocateurs and pioneers, artists and inventors.

We believe it is Australians who are perfectly placed to advance Australia.

By connecting, by collaborating and by inspiring.