Founder & CEO
Quantum Magna (QM) Financial

Ms Ligwina Poerwo-Hananto is the Founder and CEO of Quantum Magna (QM) Financial, a consultancy firm specialising in financial planning. Ms Poerwo-Hananto has instigated initiatives to motivate people to be more astute in financial management.  She also lectures at Indonesian business schools. Ms Poerwo-Hananto is a regular columnist for business and investment tabloid KONTAN and makes her financial tips more accessible to younger people through her contribution to the weekly radio program ‘Financial Clinic with QMFinancial on Hardrock FM Radio. Ms Poerwo-Hananto was one of the finalists of Australian Alumni Awards 2008 for Entrepreneurship. Ms Poerwo-Hanto graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (with a double Major in Finance and Marketing) from the Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia.