Kirribilli House Reception with Prime Minister Howard - December 18, 2006

Ken Allen: Kirribilli House Address

Thank you very much, Prime Minister, for those very kind words.

On behalf of Advance and all of us here tonight I would like to thank you and Mrs. Howard for so generously opening up your home. Almost everybody here tonight is Australian, coming from all corners of the world to the Advance 100 Summit. Advance was born in New York after September 11 when we realised how many talented Australians were living in America. They all wanted to connect back home. Advance is now in 10 cities with members in 89 locations around the world. Australians living abroad want to be seen as a brain resource, not a brain drain. This summit in Sydney will help build bridges with those from academia, research, philanthropy, commerce and all walks of life.  Prime Minister, all of us here today want to make tomorrow a landmark day for Australia. We all look forward to a day of hard work and mateship. We look forward to presenting you with the outcomes of tomorrow’s summit. We wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a very successful 2007.

[Advance 100 Global Australians Summit]