Mr Kevin Murphy is the Managing Director of Asiawide Hospitality Solutions, which provides guidance to hotel owners and hospitality investors in Asia and the UAE, assisting those owners with strategic hospitality investment planning to maximise profitability within existing hotel portfolios.

Mr Murphy is the former Senior Vice President - Development for Langham Hotels International, the luxury hotel brand subsidiary of Hong Kong’s publicly listed Great Eagle Holdings, where he led their investment and expansion from September 1995 to early 2006 following a 28 year career in international hotels spanning five continents, including his native Australia.

Mr Murphy brought his unique international perspective and worldwide experience to the growth of that company’s billion dollar hotel investments and launched the Langham Hotels luxury brand in 2003, with the return of management of their wholly owned portfolio to the new operating company in the period 2003-2006. His perspective on future hotel investment needs and hospitality trends, throughout Asia in particular, is sought by hotel owners and portfolio investors and government authorities charged with planning such infrastructure competently and competitively.

Prior to Great Eagle, Mr Murphy had senior corporate hospitality roles in Operations, Development and Marketing with Hilton International and Meridien Hotels in the USA, East Africa and Asia Pacific, along with South African Breweries Groups in Southern Africa.

Active in industry and community affairs, he recently served ten years as a director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.