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Advance – Celebrating Australian Entrepreneurship & Innovation

serafina_sml.jpg"Creativity produces innovation through connecting things not previously connected. It enriches society as new connections are made between people." - Ryan Mathews and Watts Wacker
At Advance we believe that the most exciting Australian innovations are created by connecting people and ideas from around the world. With over 20,000 in 90 countries worldwide, Advance has a deep pool of talent to draw upon.

50 for the Future, we are bringing together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, researchers, academics, scientists, lawyers, and innovators. In other words, the people who can help start-ups transform their great ideas into global, commercial success.

In late 2011, we launched the 
50 for the Future Advance Innovation Program, a new and important way that Advance is forging meaningful connections between the one million Australians living abroad, drawing on their experiences and networks to open doors and assist in the commercialisation of Australian innovation globally.

In our inaugural program of 
50 for the Future we're looking to create a bridge for innovators and entrepreneurs between Australia and Silicon Valley, fostering an active exchange of ideas and practical experience. Following the November launch events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in late 2011, we commecned our pitching workshops and mentoring sessions in Australia in March this year, setting the stage for our Summit in Silicon Valley this month.

The Advance Innovation Summit is open to all Australian innovators and represents a unique opportunity to network with peers, and gather clear and intelligent insight into critical global trends affecting the growth of innovation in Australia. 

We believe this program will expand Australia's reputation as a country of successful innovators, and assist to grow the entrepreneurial community at home through contact, support, advice, networks and opportunities abroad. We hope you can join us.

Serafina Maiorano 
Chief Executive Officer, Advance