What does the Advance Innovation 12-week Fast Track Program comprise?


What does the Advance Innovation 12-week Fast Track Program comprise?

Our Fast-Track program is an intensive 12-week program comprising pitching workshops, mentoring, free legal advice and a pitch fest to investors at our Advance Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley in May 2012.

The program includes: 
  • Pitching Workshops in Sydney (20 March 2012) and Melbourne (22 March 2012)  
  • Nine weeks of Mentoring (April  / May 2012)
  • Advance Innovation Summit (15-17 May 2012)

How will the mentoring component of the program work?

As part of the Fast Track program, each start-up will receive a total of nine weeks mentoring from an established Australian entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

The timing and mode of mentoring will be agreed between the mentee and the mentor at the beginning of the program, and will be flexible to meet the needs of both parties. It will likely comprise a combination of online, skype and face-to-face mentoring in Australia and Silicon Valley (where possible).  

What does it cost? 

Advance is able to offer mentoring, pitching workshops, legal advice, Summit participation and flights to selected start-ups for $2000.

However, companies are responsible for their own meals, and accommodation.  

Can I choose my mentor? 

Advance mentors have been hand-selected to be part of our Innovation Program based on their experiences in commmercialising on the global stage.

If you are selected, Advance will use your application to carefully match you to an appropriate mentor based on your industry sector, required expertise, and objectives.

Can I change my mentor? 

No. Advance carefully matches start-ups with appropriate mentors based on their industry sector, required expertise, and objectives.

I can’t make it to the Summit. Can I still participate in the 12-week Fast Track Program?

No. The Advance Innovation Summit is an important part of the Fast-Track Program and a unique opportunity for start-ups to pitch directly to VCs and angel investors in Silicon Valley. 

How do I get selected for the program?

Easy. Simply download and fill out the application form by 14th March 2012. We will announce the winning start-ups on 16th Mar 2012


What does Advance aim to achieve with the program? 

Advance’s 50 for the Future Innovation Program is designed to provide the next generation of Australian innovators and entrepreneurs with the means to successfully navigate the realities of a global economy. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the success of Australians and Australian companies, and grow the innovation community at home through our diaspora connections and opportunities abroad. 

The Advance Innovation program is part of our broader vision to enhance Australia’s reputation as a country of world-class innovators and a rich source of investment opportunities.

How does the Advance Innovation Program differ from other programs in this space? 

Advance’s value is our ability to tap into our global network of experts who are motivated to help with the commercialisation process and are willing to invest time and share knowledge to help grow the next generation of Australian innovators and entrepreneurs.

In 2012, the Advance Innovation program creates a bridge between innovators and entrepreneurs in Australia and Silicon Valley, and provides tangible value to start-ups through tailored programs including Australian-based inspirational and educational workshops, international mentoring and a major Summit in Silicon Valley.

Who are the 50 for the Future? 

The Advance 50 for the Future are a group of overseas-based individuals who are dedicated to assisting Australian innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups to commercialise and globalise. The Advance 50 of the Future will be selected by Advance and honored at our Silicon Valley Summit in May 2012 for their contributions to the commercialisation of Australian innovation.