Wynbox has commercialised ‘ratio buying’ - a new online sales promotion method supported by its own patented technology.


A platform that enables players to move for free the dollar value of their unused purchased virtual currency between games.


An online reputation and privacy management tool for images in social networks.

Atomo Diagnostics

Atomo is commercialising a range of single use devices for blood based diagnostic procedures.

21 Day Week

An artificially intelligent project manager able to dynamically generate and continuously optimize task schedules and assignments.

Hungry Apps


A research and data platform that makes databases more valuable.

Incoming Media

Technology that learns and predicts the videos you love to watch, and sends them in advance to your phone or tablet.

The Appalladium Group

A downloadable keyboard-replacement app.

Capture Plan

CapturePlan has created an indoor positioning system used extensively throughout shopping mall operators and retailers to provide navigation and location based services.


Protects internet logins against theft and highjacking.


PlayFi is a live internet music service that allows performing artists, concert venues and publishers to stream paid live performances using a broadband internet connection.


Online retail platform.


Seecue searches videos like Google searches documents and plays the video from that place while recording data on what interests people most for advertising, CRM and improvement analytics.

Marketing 4 Restaurants

The M4 Group has developed technology that allows for the rapid provisioning of feature rich websites that have social marketing integration and CRM/ email communication functionality aimed at time poor small business customers.


iWebGate supercharges the security and capabilities of existing networks.


A 'social' network platform.

Ocular Robotics

Ocular Robotics specialises in the design and development of ultra high performance two axis sensor pointing solutions applicable to a broad range of sensing applications.


Nightfly is an app that will make sure you always know where the "party" is.


Snoresounds is an app that assesses your risk of sleep apnea.


SMITH is an invite-only, virtual members club that connects the discerning and curious over food and drink experiences, in cities around the world.


Provides businesses with the tools required to protect their cloud based business assets.


HITnet creates rich learning media that breaks down barriers of literacy, technology, economics and culture - with the community, for the community.

Intelligent Fleet Logistics

Combines operations research algorithms for vehicle routing with the flexibility of constraint programming.