Meet the companies of the 2013 Advance Innovation Program.

If you would like any additional information on the companies please email innovation@advance.org




XY Gaming is an online transactional platform that adapts to any video game on PC and Gaming Consoles, which gamers can use to wager money on their gaming skill. 



Tapestry is a new Australian technology company which helps older generations stay connected to their families, their friends and the communities in which they live.



Insvrance is changing insurance technology. We're the technology behind Woolworths Travel Insurance - in partnership with Hollard - which launched in August. 



A Startmate Company.

Bugcrowd is crowdsourced security for web and mobile applications. We runmanaged bug bounties as a service. Our curated crowd of 1,500 securityresearchers compete for cash and kudos to be the first to report securityflaws in our clients’ applications. Facebook, Google and Paypal have usedthis approach successfully for years, now Bugcrowd makes it available to companies of all sizes.


Triplebackup changes how SMBs backup. It provides near-zero downtime after a disaster. Now from anywhere, businesses can log on within minutes to an exact clone (hosted in the cloud) of the server they just lost in the disaster with virtual failover, they can rebuild their server in hours rather than days from their offsite image backup, and recover files from their image backup in seconds. www.triplebackup.com

OneTouch software can read and understand all types of documents from different verticals, starting out in the financial services industry. It automatically extracts and repurposes data to provide an automated back office. 



Startmate Company.


Good Call helps online businesses convert and retaincustomers with outbound phone calls. It’s an longproven practice that we have redesigned for webapplications.



HealthKit is a global platform for doctors and patients all over the world, that focuses on building global health data to find cures for diseases and resolving the underlying issues of health.


 The Capture.Us app helps you create better videos on your smartphone. Using the skills and techniques employed by professional film directors, you'll know the shots to take and how to take them. Capturing your child's first steps, travel adventure or a promo for your business has never been easier. And best of all you can easily share with family, friends and business colleagues. Capture.Us puts creativity at your fingertips. www.capture.us



GetViable is a social collaboration platform that helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas into viable startups.



Startmate Company.


Shiftr is an app to help employees share and swap their shifts.With Shiftr, staff can view their shifts, swap shifts they can’t work, or grab available shifts from others.





MComms TV is a software design and solutions company that specialises in live video stream transcoding, monitoring and ad insertion for the web, broadcast and mobile networks.  Our products are used by network operators and content providers globally to deliver innovative Mobile TV and video streaming services to consumers.



Wattcost will change the electricity industry forever by enabling consumers to independently control their costs and household carbon footprint in real-time!



Intergami has developed an online application called slidefish which simplifies the process of sharing feedback on documents and presentations online. slidefish lets you deliver those documents and presentations to any browser, any platform  or any device without downloads and fits into your current workflow. The application also tracks user interaction, providing a simple way to measure engagement.



Mathspace is a Cloud-based Mathematics e-Learning Application that combines the textbook,  workbook and mark book into a single online platform, allowing students to answer Maths problems step-by-step and providing help at any step they get stuck along the way.



Startmate Company.


Kinderloop provides a simple and secure way for child carers to shareinformation with parents.Kinderloop saves carers time and money, and allows parents tosubscribe to a real-time feed of their child’s activity.



Automagically import supplier invoices and bills into your accounting system with one click. No more data entry and no more friction.InvoiceSmash brings accounts automation to cloud accounting and makes it available to SMEs for a low monthly fee. 



Practice Ignition is a collaboration platform that enables modern advisors to maximise engagement and value with their clients on all desktop and mobile devices.



Startmate Company.


Tutor On Demand delivers high school students great grades by providingdirect access to rockstar teachers online through curriculum-specific, ondemandeducational resources.Through validated methods Tutor On Demand source and partner with thebest teachers for each course. They create engaging and interactiveeducational content, concentrating on high school because a student’sgrades matter, and when the grades matter people pay.



Marketing4Restaurants provides the simplest way for restaurant owners to get owner and start growing their database. 



SlipperFits is an application which allows users to safely find mutual connections with with people they know. It's a secret way to connect Facebook friends who might want to be more than just 'friends', without the risk of embarrassment or rejection.



dataGO is aiming to solve the problem of keeping people connected at a reasonable price when they travel overseas. dataGO aims to be a world leader in bringing the best solutions and technology to customers to be able to do this. 



Calico (CALories In Calories Out) is a system that helps people become fitter.  It has a number of tools including, ‘Burn&Earn’ the free SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) innovation that delivers a full page ad and web link for partners targeted by age, gender, healthmetric and gio-location.



365cups is an Australian made mobile ordering technology for the hospitality industry and beyond. 




Startmate Company.

Online dating is broken, particularly so for people in their 20's and early 30's. Girls get inundated withattention, guys get ignored. With no clear feedback loops, it's a tragedy of the commons scenario with guyssending ever more messages to counteract the low response rate. 7pm Anywhere works like an onlineversion of 'The Dating Game' TV show. There are no static profiles, women don't get bombarded, men don'tget ignored.




We're building a behaviour analytics platform that spots the key patterns of successful teams, and gives you personalised
recommendations to help you be more awesome.



Social Status is a content performance analytics tool for social media. It allows marketers and advertisers to gain unprecedented insight into the impact their content achieves on social media channels. With this understanding they can make informed decisions about how to optimise their content strategy for maximum engagement. Social Status benchmarks engagement and reach of social content against competitors and industry averages across all mainstream social media channels.


Synaptor is keeping people safe at hazardous worksites. Our mobile apps free workers in the field from tedious paperwork and provide critical safety information. Our web app helps managers understand what actions to take now to reduce risk at their sites. Our predictive engine will predict incidents so that companies can prevent them.



Riskflo is a SaaS application that enables managers to facilitate risk management workshops on-line.  A key component is  the Riskflo Discovery™ platform, which enables the workshop facilitator to uniquely capture each participant estimate, confidence levels and ancillary data to generate an aggregate view of risk exposure for reporting and executive decision making purposes.



Ollo Mobile is the easiest and fastest way to keep the vulnerable members of your family connected. One moment, one button, one touch, and you’re talking to those you care for. 



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