Associate Director, Creative Industries Innovation Centre
University of
Technology Sydney

Hael Kobayashi is an international and award winning executive with over 30 years experience in the creative industries. An early adopter in the ascending field of digital media, Hael has held roles as senior executive and producer for several of the world’s leading entertainment studios, including Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light + Magic, DreamWorks Animation, MSNBC/ZDTV, Omnilab Media Group AUS/NZ, and Animal Logic as Group Head of Production and Associate Producer on “Happy Feet”.

An active advocate and champion for digital media development and education, Hael co-founded the Presidential Scholars in the Arts’ film and video program for the Young Arts Foundation, USA. He has lectured widely on digital media in Australia, Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Since 2003, Hael has been a member of leadership teams working with economic development groups on strategies for digital and emerging media as part of sustainable growth in Australia, Singapore and the USA. In 2009, he was appointed Creative Director of Singapore’s ICSID World Congress, focused on designing a better world by 2050. Hael was subsequently appointed to the international advisory panel of the DesignSingapore Council.

In the innovation space, Hael is an international juror and senior advisor for INDEX: Design to Improve Life, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hael was an advisor for Victoria’s 2010 State of Design Festival and Queensland’s Unlimited 2010: Asia Pacific. He convened the Creative Industries group for the Premier’s Business, University and Government Forum in New South Wales, and addressed Australia’s national forum on the future of innovation design in 2010. Hael currently chairs the Digital Sydney initiative for Industry & Investment, New South Wales.