Kirsty Needham

Kirsty Needham

Where is home in Australia?

Where is home overseas?

What's your current postcode?

Can you describe your adopted hometown in three words?
Ancient, futuristic, confounding

If I had 24 hours in your city, what are the absolute must-dos?
Forbidden City, exploring hutongs, park life

What's the best piece of advice you have for someone moving overseas?
Write down your impressions in those early months when you are seeing your new country through fresh eyes.

What do you miss most about Australia?
Big skies and the beach.

What’s a piece of gold from your new city that you will take home with you?
A clean environment is the most precious thing, so don't wait until it is almost lost to protect it. Beijingers value clean air so highly because they lived with the world's worst pollution for a few years.

Where to next?
China for now.