Katie Silver

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Katie Silver

Where did you grow up/study in Australia?
Grew up in Sydney and went to the University of Sydney.

Where are some of the interesting places you have lived around the world?
Canada, Argentina, Mexico, New York and Indonesia

Where are you currently living?

What do you do?
Journalist at the BBC/ABC

What's a hidden secret of your city?
Hmmm... Exmouth Market, a sweet little row of restaurants and bars with fairy lights that's been around since the 1890s. Not a secret but definitely under-appreciated.

What's your favourite cafe/bar/restaurant in your current city?
Gails for coffee, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese or Gordon's Wine Bar for wine and cheese.

Describe your adopted hometown/current city in three words.
Whole lotta fun.

What do you miss most about Australia when you are overseas?
The weather and active lifestyle.