Jaki Rowbottom

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Jaki Rowbottom

Where is home in Australia?

Where is home overseas?
Seattle, WA

What's your current postcode?

Can you describe your adopted hometown in three words?
Green, rainy, progressive

If I had 24 hours in your city, what are the absolute must-dos?
Firstly, visit in Summer - its the perfect climate, but other months are pretty rainy. Head to the top of the Space Needle to see the beautiful mountains surrounding the city, take a walk along Alki beach, try some sfresh local salmon at Pike Place market.

What's the best piece of advice you have for someone moving overseas?
Do your research! US life looks remarkably similar to Australian life on the surface, but there are more differences than I could ever imagine.

What do you miss most about Australia?
Weather, beaches, food and family - not necessarily in that order!

What’s a piece of gold from your new city that you will take home with you?

  • Using a drive through for everything is not a sign of weakness!
  • Never, ever judge a book by its cover.

Where to next next?
Good question. Somewhere warmer maybe ;)