Imelda Bonnett 

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Imelda Bonnett 

Where is home in Australia?

Where is home overseas?

What's your current postcode?

Can you describe your adopted hometown in three words?
Cosmopolitan, Diverse, Limitless 

If I had 24 hours in your city, what are the absolute must-dos?
Eat the local cuisine such as Chilli crab or pepper crab, hainan chicken rice, carrot cake, nasi lemak and freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. Go to Gardens by the Bay, do some shopping at Orchard Rd and have a cocktail at Clarke Quay

What's the best piece of advice you have for someone moving overseas?
Be open-minded and go with the flow. Write the 5-year plan if it helps you sleep better, but know that it might not happen exactly the way you imagined

What do you miss most about Australia?
Family and friends. The space (Asia is full of people). Affordable healthcare and education, good quality inexpensive red meat, and cafe culture aka great coffee

What’s a piece of gold from your new city that you will take home with you? (a lesson, a way of living/being etc) 
Lesson is we can live with less, in an apartment vs suburban house

Where to next Imelda? We plan on staying in Singapore for a few years before returning, but who knows? The world has really opened up