Assistant Dean of College
Department of Landscape Studies, College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Tongji University, Shanghai

Feng HAN, is professor of the Department of Landscape Studies and Assistant Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University (CAUP), Shanghai, P.R.China. Ms Han holds a PHD from the Queesnland University of Technology and a BLA and MLA  from Tongii University in China.


Ms Han represents China as an Expert Member of the International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes (ICOMOS). Her research in cultural landscape area involves culture, environmental ethics and management policies in the contexts of history, globalization and urbanization.She is also an Expert Member of the UNESCO program of Conservation and Management for World Heritage Sites in China.


In addition to research and teaching, Ms Han is a cultural landscape and  conservation consultant for the Chinese State Government and specialies in the evaluation of sites nominated for World Heritage status. She is committed to combining international cultural landscape practices and education with those in China.  Ms Han currently leads the research for the 2010 UNESCO project of Conservation and Management of a World Heritage Site in China, the World Heriage Cultural Landscape of Lushan National Park. She also leads the research for a project at the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou, China, a site on the World Heritage Tentative List.