The Advance Global Australian Awards celebrates remarkable Australians, celebrating their challenges, their success and most importantly their ideas. 

Much of the greatest work achieved by last year's Award winners grew out of just a single idea:

  • An idea to make eye glasses affordable to a wider group of people;
  • an idea to use the power of the internet to mobilise millions of citizens around the world; or
  • an idea to make micro-finance loans available to women in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty. 

As part of our 2013 Advance Global Australian Awards, and in celebration of great ideas, we are asking all Australians to share their ideas: ideas for a better Australia, ideas to overcome key issues and challenges, ideas for a better tomorrow.

Harnessing the combined brain power of our global network of 20,000 Australians around the world, we are looking for ideas from Australia's best and brightest global entrepreneurs, scientists, social innovators, game changers and pioneers on issues across a range of industries, from clean technology and social innovation to ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). 

Have an idea that you think might make an impact to your community? 

We want to hear from you! What's your big idea? 

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Share your ideas on these platforms using videos, photos, or words, whatever medium works for you.

Submissions close on 15 March 2013 and select submissions will be featured at our 2013 Advance Global Australian Awards Forum and Ceremony on our website.

Any questions? Email

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