SF: ANZA Gateway to the US Program - Presented in Association with Advance



The Gateway to the US is targeted to innovative companies considering doing business in the world’s largest and most formidable market. This 3-month program works with Australian entrepreneurial CEOs and senior executives to explore their options for expansion and investment into the US marketplace.
The program starts with a one-day Introductory Workshop in Australia, provides online executive coaching and market advice and culminates in a 3-day Executive Summit in Silicon Valley, USA where the entrepreneurs have the chance to showcase their company in front of a US audience with key connections to the US market and sales, partnering and funding opportunities.

We expect to have a delegation of 20 companies from Australia presenting at the Executive Summit in October to an audience of 200 Silicon Valley VCs, angel investors, leading technologists and executives. In addition to company presentations we will present a series of business forums and keynotes that will bring A-list US executives and investors to the stage as well as prominent Australian CEOs with recent US success stories.

The 2010 Gateway to the US Program is supported by Australian state governments, notable Silicon Valley professional firms and a cadre of technology industry bodies in Australia and the US.

For more information visit ANZA’s website at www.anzatechnet.com/ or contact Viki Forrest at: viki@anzatechnet.com.
The 2010 Gateway to the US Program includes:

1. One-Day Introductory Workshop in most Australian capital cities (23 August – 1 September)

The workshop is conducted by ANZA CEO Viki Forrest and Guidewire Group's Chris Shipley:

• a company assessment of your US market readiness using Guidewire Group's exclusive G/Score

• perfecting your 30-second “elevator pitch” for a US audience

• preliminary crafting of a 5-minute presentation suitable for US investors and top-level industry executives

• an interactive exploration of cultural differences between Australian and American business practices

• extensive Q&A with ANZA CEO Viki Forrest and Guidewire Group’s Chris Shipley

2. Two-month online executive coaching and US-side marketing promotion (2 September – 24 October)
Following the workshop, in the lead up to the three-day Executive Summit in Silicon Valley:

• three 1-hour online consultations with ANZA CEO Viki Forrest and her US marketing team

• guidance in developing your key objectives for the Executive Summit

• assistance in preparing a one-page ‘Silicon Valley style’ company executive summary

• feedback on your 5-minute presentation from the perspective of a US audience

• assistance in identifying potential investors, partners and customers

• promotion of your company in the US via ANZA’s marketing and PR activities


3. Three-day Executive Summit in Silicon Valley (25-27 October)

You will spend three days immersed in the world’s heart of innovation and experience first-hand what it will take to succeed in the US. You will emerge prepared for success:

• one-day live coaching session and presentation rehearsal

• individual feedback sessions scheduled with ANZA network members to discuss US market strategies

• business forums on funding, legal issues, leadership, marketing and sales

• presentation to Silicon Valley audience and demo

• A-list executive keynotes and on-stage interviews with prominent Australian CEOs with US success stories

• welcome reception, ANZA awards night dinner and all lunches

• networking, networking, networking


Organizer Louis Matthews


Mon, Oct. 25 - Wed, Oct. 27, 2010
8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
(GMT-0700) US/Pacific