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First Conversation - 2/3 November 2011
Andy Walshe I Director, High Performance, Red Bull
Imagine a world that is designed to enhance your performance. Your thought processes honed to the precision of an elite athlete.
Meet Andy Walshe. Andy has tested and analysed the world’s top athletes in order to understand how they think, train and perform. He has taken this information and developed programs on how we can adapt this to our work and life.
“The trick is not to play the game better than the competition, but develop and play an altogether different game…”  Kevin Roberts CEO Worldwide, Saatchi &Saatchi.
Join us to discuss the key principles of Andy’s research and turn elite sports performance into your business success.
Wednesday 2 November, 2011 (USA)
West Coast        3PM
East Coast         6PM
Thursday 3 November, 2011 (Australia)
VIC / NSW         9.00AM
QLD                  8.00AM
SA                    8.30AM


Wed, Nov. 2, 2011
3 p.m. - 4 p.m.
(GMT-0700) US/Pacific

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