Online: Aussie Expat Financial Advice Webinar - Proposed changes to Main Residence Exemption (MRE)

With the news that the Australian government is removing the Main Residence Exemption (MRE) causing quite a stir for Australian expats around the world, we are running a webinar. The key topics that we will be discussing include:

  • How does the removal of the MRE work for existing Australian expats?
  • How does the removal of the MRE work for new Australian expats?
  • What options do Australian expats have?

Two times:

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Atlas Wealth Management runs regular webinars to help educate and empower Australian expats to make the right financial choices for the right reasons. 

"...armed with the right information, an Australian expat can maximise their time overseas, both financially and personally"

Group(s): Advance


Wed, Sept. 27, 2017
7 p.m. - 8 p.m.
(GMT+0800) Asia/Singapore