Melbourne: State of the Nation: Japan

State of the Nation: Japan – ‘The Promise Beyond Japan’s Lost Decades’


Asialink Business and PwC are delighted to support the upcoming release of ‘Examining Japan’s Lost Decades’, edited by Yoichi Funabashi, Chairman, Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation and Dr Barak Kushner, Senior University Lecturer, University of Cambridge.

This new report explores the so-called “lost decades” which in turn leads to the discussion on the rebuilding of Japan and the future of arguably the most advanced economy in the world. An international team of renowned scholars and experts critically examined the issues, and specifically, why certain policies failed, why alternatives were not taken and how policymakers should have reacted and could respond more effectively in the future. The lessons learned from Japan sheds light on how the EU, U.S. and Asian countries can deal with common challenges, including demographic shifts, fiscal deficit, free trade and international security.

Asialink Business and PwC are proud to present these interactive sessions with expert panels in Sydney and Melbourne.

Professor Murray McLean AO,
Chairman, The Australia-Japan Foundation

Yoichi Funabashi
, Chairman, Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation
Professor Nobumasa Akiyama, Graduate School of Law, Hitosubashi University
Dr Shiro Armstrong, Director, Australia-Japan Research Centre

Registration: CLICK HERE (Registrations close Friday 19 June 2015).

Cost: Asialink Corporate Member/Leaders Program Participant/Alumni /Chairman’s Circle $33.00. Non-Member $55.00

For further information please contact Gabrielle Prabhu on or 03 9035 8197.

This event is supported by The Australia-Japan Foundation (AJF) and The Australia-Japan Research Centre (AJRC).

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Organizer Asialink & PwC


Fri, June 26, 2015
noon - 2 p.m.
(GMT+1100) Australia/Melbourne


2 Southbank Blvd, Southbank