New York: ERTH'S DINOSAUR ZOO at The New Victory Theater


Erth's Dinosaur Zoo
from Sydney, Australia

RAWR! Work on your camo crawl because dinosaurs are coming to the New Vic! ERTH'S DINOSAUR ZOO transports you to the Australian outback where a rugged ranger and trusty dino keepers introduce you to a menagerie of Mesozoic monsters from around the world. Manually operated by supremely skilled puppeteers, every frightful fiend and huggable hatchling responds instantly to the audience for an intimate and authentic encounter. Meet a meganeura and learn about a leaellynasaura as the astoundingly life-like (and mostly friendly) creations meander, munch and make the theater their own prehistoric playground. Who knows? You just might find yourself over 65 million years and half a world away!

"It is a rare and pleasurable work that manages technical brilliance, cultural insight and enchantment all in one go.”
–Sydney Morning Herald

For everyone 6+
50 minutes with no intermission
Plus post-show opportunity to meet the dinosaurs up close and personal (bring your camera)!

For more information and tickets, visit:


Fri, Jan. 18, 2013
7 p.m. - 8 p.m.
(GMT-0400) US/Eastern


209 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036
United States