SF: Crowd Business Models Summit

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Crowd Business Models Summit is a compact half-day event that will bring together the leaders who are creating the next generation of business models based on crowds and crowdsourcing.

About Crowd Business Models | Agenda | Speakers | About Ross Dawson

Join an intensive and interactive session the day before CrowdConf that will include high-impact presentations, discussions, and attendee participation.

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Getting Results From Crowds – Second Edition by Ross Dawson.

Key topics include:

  • Success factors in crowd business models
  • Lessons learned from the last 5 years of crowd business models
  • Building scalability, quality control, and reputation into the heart of the business mode
  • Effective incentives and rewards for crowd participation
  • Tapping crowds for contribution and social innovation
  • Trends and future directions for crowd business models

About Crowd Business Models

Crowd Business Models refers to business models where value creation and service delivery is significantly or largely created by external crowds. This includes established crowdsourcing models represented by well-known companies such as Odesk, Kickstarter, Innocentive, and 99designs. It also includes the many organizations where value creation is based largely on crowd contributions, such as Yelp, Demand Media, and Foursquare, (and others where crowds provide significant value).
Summit chairman Ross Dawson, author of Getting Results From Crowds and the Crowd Business Models Framework, will share the latest research and insights on the evolution of crowd business models.

The workshop will be valuable for:

  • Startup founders and executives
  • Venture capital, angel and corporate investors
  • Corporate strategy and innovation executives
  • Journalists and media executives

Workshop Agenda

1:00-1:30 | Registration

Concepts of crowd business models
1:30-2:00 pm | Key concepts of crowd business models | Ross Dawson

Success factors in crowd business models
2:00-2:40 pm | Insights from industry leaders
2:40-2:50 pm | Participant discussion and analysis
2:50-3:05 pm | Industry leader and participant panel discussion
3:05-3:20 pm | Break

Future of crowd business models
3:20-4:00 pm | Insights from industry leaders
4:00-4:10 pm | Participant discussion and analysis
4:10-4:25 pm | Industry leader and participant panel discussion

4:25-4:30 pm | Closing remarks

Summit Chairman: Ross Dawson

Ross is globally recognized as a leading business futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author. He is Founding Chairman of the Advanced Human Technologies group of companies and author of four books including most recently Getting Results From Crowds. He appears regularly in leading global business media, including CNN, Bloomberg TV, ABC TV, New York Times, The Guardian, and many others.


Mon, Oct. 22, 2012
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(GMT-0700) US/Pacific


Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF
1675 Owens Street, Suite 251
San Francisco, CA 94143