New York: Australian Film - The Eye of the Storm

Following its US Premiere at The Museum of Modern Art on 4 September, Fred Schepisi’s film adaptation of Patrick White’s seminal Australian novel The Eye of the Storm is now showing in cinemas.

The film tells the story of Elizabeth Hunter, the powerful matriarch of her family, who still maintains a destructive iron grip on those who come to farewell her in her final moments upon her deathbed. Set in the Sydney suburb of Centennial Park, Charlotte Rampling plays Elizabeth, the aging socialite theatrically dying while her spoiled children (Oscar–winner Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis) pick over their inheritance. Estranged from a mother who was never capable of loving them Sir Basil (Rush), a famous but struggling actor in London and Dorothy (Davis), an impecunious French princess, attempt to reconcile with her. In doing so they are reduced from states of worldly sophistication to floundering adolescence. The children unite in a common goal— to leave Australia with their vast inheritance. Moving through Sydney╩╣s social scene, they search for a way to fulfil their desire.

You can catch the film at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas or Cinema Village 12th Street.

“...with intelligent direction, witty script and a superb cast, this is outstanding cinema … my pick of the Australian films for the year.” - John Bale, The Blurb


Wed, Sept. 26, 2012
10 a.m. - noon
(GMT-0500) US/Central