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Sydney: Denise Green - War then and now

  • Gallery9 9 Darley Street Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010 Australia (map)
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In War Then And Now Denise Green is showing for the first time a new body of work combining photography with painting. The photographs used by Green were taken by her father during the North African campaign in the Second World War. He served as a driver in the medical corps, picking up the wounded and dead. Upon his return to Australia he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, colouring the atmosphere of Green's family life and childhood. 

The exhibition deals with war, memory and trauma. It uses images of a devastated urban setting in North Africa, which resonate visually with present conflicts in the Middle East. In both her paintings and collages, Green breaks up photographs with vertical bands of either raw canvas or pieces of drawing. These incisions into the image suggest psychological fragmentation. They give an impression of repetitive movement from outer to inner from the external events depicted in the photographs, to the internal abstractions of the mind.