The University of Sydney
Elizabeth is a lecturer in Political Economy at The University of Sydney and has spent more than five years living in New Delhi - first in the mid-1990s, and again since 2007. Elizabeth's research interests relate to the experience of gender, work and care in both developed and developing country economies. In 1998-99 she spent several months in Gujarat at the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), an all-women’s trade union of more than half a million members, collecting fieldwork for her PhD on women’s labour market experience in the Indian informal economy. The findings of this research are published in Worker Identity, Agency and Economic Development: Women’s Empowerment in the Indian Informal Economy, Routledge (2010). Elizabeth continues to research and publish on the Indian informal economy, women’s employment and labour activism, and the Indian industrial relations system. Her current research focuses on the Indian work/care regime, emerging work and care chains, and public policy interventions in this area.

In Australia Elizabeth is co-convenor of the Australian Work and Family Policy Roundtable www.familypolicyroundtable.com.au/. The Roundtable promotes the development and dissemination of relevant Australian and international research on work and family policy.
The Roundtable is an active participant in the public debate around these issues, providing regular submissions to Government Inquiries on the status of work and family policy in Australia. Elizabeth regularly contributes to public debate on these issues through the mainstream Australian media and has published on childcare, and work and family policy in Australia.