Edge_Zarella_.jpegEdge is the Clients and Innovation Partner for KPMG China.

Edge is a senior advisory partner bringing a career spanning more than 20 years in Business and IT advisory. His specialisations include strategy, governance, transformation, innovation, sourcing and off shoring projects. Edge has significant Global and Asian experience. In particular his Asian experience includes working in countries such as China, India, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and the Philippines.

Edge is the Lead Senior Partner for some of the firm’s largest financial services clients.  He has been the Lead Partner on numerous global and regional strategy and transformation projects for a number of large financial institutions.  He is one of the Lead Partners driving innovation within KPMG globally, in Asia and now China.  He has considerable experience in working with start-ups, entrepreneurs, accelerators and the broader ecosystem.  He is a passionate about the theme of creative destruction within organisations and the on-going emergence of disruptors. He is one of the most quoted partners in the media globally within KPMG.