Cheers & Chill

Cheers & Chill is an enjoyable and informal opportunity for Aussie expats to galvanise and connect with each other in an international city. Hosted in a central location over drinks, the laidback nature of these events is a unique opportunity for our network to forge new connections and strengthen old ones.

I met a lot of interesting people at the Cheers & Chill event - one of which has become a close connection. I am so grateful that such an organisation exists to help Australians explore the world and welcome them home
— Declan Keir Saks, Cheers & Chill: Melbourne

Living in a city where you'd love to see a Cheers & Chill happen? We'd love to work with you to make that dream a reality! Download some information on what's involved here and drop us a line at and we'll get the ball rolling.

Upcoming Events

No Cheers & Chill currently on the calendar? No worries, our friends and partners around the world are always throwing great events, check them out here!

Snaps from Previous cheers & Chill