Tokyo; a global city of exceptional charm and breathtaking efficiency. With its traditional culture contrasted with a passion for everything new, Tokyo possesses a completely inimitable and unique culture.

One of the most complex and fascinating cities we’ve covered to date, it’s no wonder there are so many Australians who plan to visit, and  end up staying indefinitely.

Meet some of our members in Tokyo!

Ben Holt: “The
opportunity to tell the
story of Australia to
Japanese consumers
was a source of great
pride for me”

Giovanni Paradiso:
“Japan has an amazing
energy. It's the
quietest, busiest city in
the world.”

Chris Hodgens: “You
name it, Tokyo has it”

Jess Morton: “I've
been here for a year in
and I feel like I've
barely scratched the

Kohei Tamura: "Without the training and education I had in Australia, certainly I would not be where I am today"

Silas Hickey: “Many Australian artists go to Tokyo to get some incredible Japanese design brilliance imparted on their work”
Tak Adachi: "Japan is a country that has always been innovating"

Melanie Brock: “The world's focus point is back on Japan”


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  • There’s a skyscraper in Tokyo which tells you, using coloured lights, whether you should bring an umbrella when you go outside
  • Tokyo restaurants have more cumulative Michelin stars than Paris and the city is considered to be the world’s capital of gastronomy
  • Blue ‘anti-suicide’ LED lights are installed on Tokyo train platforms in an effort to reduce railway suicides
  • You can pay a travel agency in Tokyo to take your stuffed animal on a vacation, without you