Support Group for expats and repats in Sydney

Counselling group for expats who have recently moved to Sydney

Whether you are new to Australia or an Australian returning to your country, moving to a new country can be quite challenging for yourself and your family. Being part of a supportive counselling group of people who are going through something similar can be very comforting and helpful.  

While a change like moving country can be difficult, it also offers some unique opportunities and can be a time of growth. Groups can be very powerful transformation tool and can aid in this growth. In groups we learn from one another, help one another and gain more insight into ourselves.  

Location: Glebe, NSW
Start Date: Friday July 28, 2017
The group will meet on Fridays from 12:00 - 1:30

Alison Turner is a psychotherapist who is originally from the United States. She has lived on both coasts of the US and is now living in Sydney Australia with her husband and daughter. Alison did her training in psychotherapy in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked in clinics and schools in California. She now has a private practice in Glebe. She offers individual therapy and couples therapy as well as counselling groups. Contact details are below.  

Please feel free to contact Alison about joining the group or for individual therapy.  

Ph: 02 9692 9788
Mobile: 0451 114 864