Mahadi Margiono: Jakarta is a magnet for working professionals looking for opportunities


Interview by Molly O'Brien, Marketing & Communications Specialist, Advance  

Mahadi Margiono is a system analyst by training, with a Master's Degree in Business Information Technology from Melbourne’s RMIT. His cumulative 15 years in multi-disciplinary industry and overseas experience has seen his career go from strength to strength.

Advance recently spoke to Mahadi about how studying in Australia contributed to his success and how furthering his education in Australia helped advance his career.

Can you give Advance a bit of insight into your current role at Scotwork and life in Jakarta?

Scotwork is a consulting company from UK, specialising in negotiation skills development. For over 40 years we have coached more than 200,000 senior managers in 24 languages, we are now operating in 38 countries and have grown into the world’s number one independent negotiation consultancy.

Since 2015 I have been the authority for the Indonesia market, and at the same time supporting regional office to cover the South East Asian market.

Being the heart of Indonesia’s economy, Jakarta has always been a magnet for many working professionals looking for opportunities to grow their career, including me. Having lived here for almost 12 years I’m now used to its complications and frenzied nature. But as someone who comes from a less populated area, my family and I always try to find opportunities to find quietness to enjoy rural life at our house just outside Jakarta.

You studied at RMIT to attain a Master’s Degree in Business Information Technology. Why did you choose this university, and why did you choose this course?

I have always been passionate about computers so I chose Information Technology as my undergraduate degree. Upon graduation I felt that I still want to pursue further studies and I believed that having an overseas degree would help me in my future career, so I decided to look for an IT course at a university in a country that is not very far from Indonesia, and Australia became one of the options.

I found out there was an Australian education exhibition in my hometown, Medan, so I visited the venue hoping to get more information on further education in Australia and RMIT was one of the participating universities. I had heard about RMIT’s reputation from a number of friends and after speaking to some of the representatives from the university I felt that RMIT was a good choice for my further study.

How did furthering your education in Australia help advance your career?

My postgraduate degree in IT from RMIT has really helped my career in a number of companies I have worked for, such as iTech Worldwide Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of TH Group from Malaysia) and General Electric. The overseas experience made me become a more independent person and also broadened my perspective. It also improved my ability to communicate in English and this is a very important skill, especially when working for a multi-national company.

What are your thoughts on the education system in Australia when compared to the rest of the world?

I have not studied in other countries apart from Australia so I cannot fairly compare the Australian education to other countries, but I personally learnt a great deal from my experience in Australia. I have also learnt that Australians welcome diversity and encourage positivity in all aspects. I now promote the benefits of an Australian education to anyone I know looking for opportunities to pursue their studies.

Do you maintain ties to Australia and/or RMIT? If yes, how so?

I am a member of a few Australian alumni societies in Indonesia, such as the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) and Australia-Indonesia Alumni Forum. Every now and then I am invited to events organised by such communities and it is always good to be in touch with fellow alumni of Australian universities.

I am also still in contact with my friends whom I know in Australia who are currently still staying in Melbourne.

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