Looking for global Aussie engineering talent!


At Advance, we are invested in helping Australians expand globally. Our friends over at Stash are hungry for engineering talent so if you are a global Aussie based in the US or looking for a job in the US in the Fintech world, we are here to help!

Stash is a US financial technology company which simplifies investing, but their true mission runs deeper. Today, financial products too often fail us so why not give everyone access to financial education, technology and services that help to achieve life goals! All you need to do is sign up, customize your portfolio and boom, you’re an investor. What an incredibly innovative idea!

If you think so too and are a talented global Aussie looking for a job in the following areas, click on the links below to learn more!

P.s. There’s lots of Aussies who work at Stash.. and of course, they are legends!