Introducing Propel: Facilitated, Fast Tracked access to Silicon Valley and beyond


“This a phenomenal program for Australian startups who are seriously considering setting up a business in the USA as it prepares your company for the reality of the good, the bad and the ugly. The tour and events were excellent, and importantly the networks and connections established with investors and key stakeholders are priceless.” — Helen Awali, Founder, Bookmarc


Propel is an Advance Innovation Program that prepares Australian entrepreneurs to take on the world with facilitated, fast tracked access to Silicon Valley and beyond.

Qualifying startups will be invited to participate in a three-day workshop in LA, followed by an Innovation Tour of Silicon Valley. The workshops include:

  • hands-on page-by-page review and edit of your investor deck.
  • one full day of US-style pitch practice, both elevator and investor pitch.
  • expert session on what makes a great product demonstration followed by a product demo and review.


Following the three day Workshop, the Tour begins with an additional two days in LA, and then five days in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Our focus is on:

  • establishing your business for and in the US.
  • understanding legal structures and immigration law.
  • developing a winning value proposition and pitch.
  • small market versus large market selling: who, what and how.
  • building a valuable network and mentors.
  • developing a structured path to fundraising, investor readiness.


A series of Australian-based events and gatherings for Propel participants to:

  • meet with potential Australian-based investors and corporates.
  • share your knowledge with other Australian-based entrepreneurs
  • connect with Advance’s network of advisors in Australia to continue on your path to growth.

US Dates: 30 April – 11 May 2018 | Australian Dates: June – July 2018
Technology enabled startups that are currently experiencing rapid growth in Australia, are ready to expand into the US, and meet the following criteria:

  • Are an Australian Registered Business
  • Have launched a product and/or service
  • Have customers
  • Turnover of AUD$100k+per annum
  • Have raised seed funding / are sufficiently bootstrapped
  • A team of at least two people or more

Applications Close:  23 February 2018

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