Fast, smart and connected: can we be Australian in a digital world?


Each year since 1959, the ABC has sparked national discussion about critical ideas with the Boyer Lectures. ANU Distinguished Professor and Intel Senior Fellow Professor Genevieve Bell continues this proud tradition as she interrogates what it means to be human, and Australian, in a digital world. Genevieve won the 2016 Advance Global Australian Award for Technology Innovation and was also named the overall winner that year.

Thirty years ago, Genevieve left Australia to study anthropology in America. That journey took her to the heart of Silicon Valley, where she led Intel’s first user experience research and development lab and most recently served as their chief futurist. Her job was to help invent the future and ensure that it was shaped by lived experience.

Genevieve has been at the epicentre of the biggest set of digital transformations in our lifetime, and now she’s returned home to Australia, because there are some urgent conversations we need to have about the role of technology in building our future.

Boyer Lectures are now available on the new ABC listen ap, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen now:
Episode 01 | Fast, smart and connected: Where it all began
Episode 02 | Fast, smart and connected: Dealing lightning with both hands
Episode 03 | Fast, smart and connected: All technology has a history (and a country)
Episode 04 | Fast, smart and connected: How to build our digital future